Bunbury students encouraged to travel

By Kevin Kelly

Parents could be looking at a new scheme in Bunbury that will allows their young ones to travel to the Japanese city of Setagaya.

In terms of providing children with a life-changing experience, this ranks pretty high. Parents around the region could be more inclined to look at real estate in Bunbury on the back of the new scheme.

Jetsetting year six students

A group of 16 year-six students and a select group of parents will travel to the Japanese city – don't worry, it's in the middle of the October school holidays – where they will spend 11 days.

Essentially an unrivalled experience for a small number of 10- and 11-year olds, as well as their parents, the opportunity could be just what parents are after for their loved ones. The students will all be accommodated by homestay families in Japan, and Disneyland Tokyo as well as a Mount Fuji trip are possibilities.

For 25 years, Setagaya and Bunbury have been in partnership as 'sister cities' which has consequently added a number of benefits to life in Western Australia.

"Our two cities have enjoyed a Sister City relationship for 25 years and it has brought many economic, cultural and social benefits," said Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan.

"Student exchanges have played an important part in fostering this relationship and it is always a pleasure to hear of the positive experiences from Bunbury's young ambassadors."

What's there to do in Setagaya?

The city itself has 12 separate museums according to Trip Advisor, so it will be culturally rich. Further, there are 41 sights and landmarks that hold cultural and historical significance in Japan, and spending 11 days in a city such as Setagaya could truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Positions are limited each year, and it could be a huge step for your children to take, but the lessons they learn while travelling internationally could be invaluable.

Get on board, talk to the team at Ray White Bunbury to see how we can help.

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