Bunbury to welcome new sports pavilion?

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury could become home to a new multi sports pavilion, after the city council announced it would re-examine previously submitted plans.

After the project budget was analysed, and prospective quotes from tenders were reassessed, Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan suggested the Hay Park project could be viable.

"It's time to go back and engage with the community, potential users and government to look at the design again and make it affordable and fit our budget," he commented.

The council is due to be presented with a new proposal next month, which mayor Brennan acknowledged would be frustrating for those with a direct interest in the project.

He noted that the council needs to have a better overview of what the sports pavilion will entail before any money is invested on behalf of the community.

The site is expected to provide a hub for local sporting clubs, as well as a place where sporting matches and competitions can be held.

There had been concerns that the cost of the project may be beyond the council's means, so by revisiting the plans, it is hoped that cutbacks can be made wherever necessary.

Those in Bunbury rentals will no doubt be aware of the city's existing sporting facilities, which include the South West Sports Centre.

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