Bunbury welcomes plenty of new citizens

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury is well known for its strong sense of community and diverse cultural background and this recently improved even further as more citizens were welcomed to the city.

Earlier this month, 60 people went through a citizenship ceremony, making it the biggest of the year so far with the exception of Australia Day.

The city's latest residents came from 19 different countries, including South Korea, the Netherlands, Argentina, Vietnam, Germany and Cambodia.

Each one of them had to pledge to share in Australia's democratic beliefs and to respect the liberties of other people across the country.

Following this, they were presented with an Australian Citizenship Certificate from mayor Gary Brennan.

"Conferring Australian Citizenship on behalf of the federal government is a great pleasure as it means a lot to me being an Australian and I can see the emotion new citizens experience when I confer their Australian citizenship," he commented.

Mr Brennan also said Bunbury became a more enriched community every time someone goes through this process.

Many of them will no doubt start their new life in Bunbury going in search of real estate in Eaton or other parts of the city as they make the most of their new cultural identity.

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