Community engagement takes centre stage in Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Keeping in touch with members of the local community is high on the list of priorities for the City of Bunbury at the moment, which is why the council is asking the public to offer their own opinions.

It's hoping that by offering new forms of engagement, the council will be able to find out the issues that are affecting the local area, in turn making it an even better place to live.

One of the suggestions is that precinct committees should be introduced. This would see a group of people living in property in Eaton and other parts of Bunbury coming together to identified issues in their individual suburbs.

Another option is to introduce a citizens' panel. It would be in place for a limited amount of time to review council services and offer advice to authorities where they need to be improved.

Lastly, community-driven precinct plans are on the agenda, which would involve greater community input into projects and activities in the City of Bunbury region.

The proposals are available for comment until 27 February, so if you have something to say on these issues, make sure you contact the council sooner rather than later.

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