Growing community involvement in Bunbury council

By Kevin Kelly

Since coming into existence last year, the Bunbury Household Panel has seen more than 700 people sign up to play their part in the governing of the city. The panel aims to give residents the chance to have their opinions heard and be involved in decisions made by the Bunbury council, creating a much more involved and transparent city for the future. 

For owners of real estate in Bunbury, this could give many the opportunity to help shape this city. Speaking on the panel, mayor Gary Brennan explained that he is pleased with the growing number of locals who have shown interest. 

"I am delighted with the number of people who have signed up to the Household Panel, which is an innovative way in which ratepayers can put forward their views and be heard regarding important council matters. It shows that council is accessible and willing to listen to people who are keen to express their views," said Mr Brennan in a 19 March statement. 

Some of the feedback provided by the group has been about the deregulating of trading hours and the Hay Park Master Plan, which aims to shape the future growth of the space and make it more accommodating for residents living in Bunbury. 

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