How will your real estate in Bunbury be protected this winter?

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury is one of the best places to live in the entire country – our community spirit and way of life is an amazing thing to experience. Real estate in Bunbury is therefore set to be hotly contested as the City Council continues to make improvements.

In winter, however, there can be some pretty hectic weather flying around, and for any homeowners, including those who have investment properties, you'll want to be doing your utmost to protect what you've paid so much money for.

What can be done to storm-proof your property?

Before winter hits and garden maintenance becomes too much of a struggle, it'll pay to make sure any overhanging branches are removed. These can flop around in high winds and potentially cause serious damage to walls, gutters and glass windows. There's nothing worse in a storm than having a window blow out and then having wind and rain lash inside!

While the hot sun is still bashing down and creating a lovely, temperate climate in our beautiful city, it's also a great idea to have your gutters cleared to prevent pooling of water around the roof of your property that can cause foundational damage. Ensuring you have a solid insurance policy for storm damage on your Bunbury real estate is also a great idea – it'll help to safeguard your financial outlay as well.

Are you ready to act?

As this wet season draws closer and closer, have you started preparing already for protecting your property?

"City of Bunbury residents can greatly reduce their risk of storm damage to the home by cleaning up their properties and taking advantage of the forthcoming hard and green-waste collections," said Chris Widmer, the community safety and emergency management team leader for the city of Bunbury.

You've worked hard to own your real estate in Bunbury, so protect it by taking some simple steps so you aren't left empty-handed and with a damaged home this winter.

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