Increasing Population Good News for Bunbury Homeowners

By Kevin Kelly

Australia's population is projected to double by 2075, which could be great news for anyone who owns investment houses to rent in Bunbury.

According to the Director of Demography at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Bjorn Jarvis, the nation's population will reach 46 million by 2075.

This has lead to a lot of work going into infrastructure and housing development in order to accommodate for this across the nation.

"By 2040, Western Australia's population is projected to almost double in size, from 2.4 million people in 2012 to 4.7 million," said Mr Jarvis in a November 26 statement.

These population projections are based on rates of migration, future levels of fertility, and the overall increase in the ageing population. The average age in 2012 was 37, with current predictions placing it at 40.5 by 2040.

This influx of people into the state could be a great stimulation for the local economy, as well as an opportunity to find tenants for your Bunbury property. Furthermore, anyone considering selling their real estate in Bunbury might find it easier with a large number of people entering the state.

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