Prepare your real estate in Bunbury for bushfire season

By Kevin Kelly

One of the realities of living in Western Australia is the threat of bushfires, but some careful preparation can make sure this time of year isn't too worrying.

Owners of real estate in Bunbury are being asked by their local council to make sure they have an action plan in place to protect both themselves and their property from danger.

Anyone who owns or occupies land in the city is subject to the Bush Fires Act 1954 and all work must be carried out by 30 November.

Precautions need to remain in place until 10 May when bushfire season has officially passed, as there is a risk of fires being sparked from nearby embers.

Any changes to these dates will be made known to the public as they can often alter depending on a particular bushfire season.

Community law safety and emergency management team leader Chris Widmer said the best action people can take is to be on their guard at all times.

"Most homes are lost through fires started from embers and those living in an area marked with a bushfire hazard rating of extreme or very high are strongly advised to have a prepared evacuation plan ready in case of an attack," he commented.

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