Residents help shape Bunbury’s future

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury will undergo a major transformation over the next 20 years, and residents have been submitting their ideas to the council for consideration, as reported in a Bunbury City Council media release from April 18. Since the submissions process for Local Planning Scheme No.8 (LPS8) began in 2016, 104 separate entries have been received, with 24 suggesting minor amendments to the draft scheme and strategy documents.

If you're looking to move to a progressive city where you'll have a say in major developments, Bunbury could be the place for you. There are multiple developments underway right now, with resident input helping to shape how the city transforms to better represent what Bunbury is all about: community and family. 

What does Local Planning Scheme No. 8 cover?

Several years of consultation and planning have gone into the development of LPS8. It's designed to expand the city centre to include the 'three waters' of Bunbury, which are the beautiful Indian Ocean, the Leschenault Inlet and sought-after Koombana Bay. There will also be more opportunities to live closer to the city centre, within walking distance of work thanks to residential developments.

"The adoption of this new scheme will show that we are a progressive City with our sights set firmly on providing for people throughout the Bunbury Geographe region now and into the future," stated Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan. 

"This scheme sends the message that Bunbury is well and truly open for business, and I am confident developers and investors will grab hold of the new opportunities it presents."

Mixed-use developments are the order of the day, with residential and retail spaces in the same development being encouraged. An activity centre design could be the preferred multi-storey development over the next 20 years for LPS8, meaning more opportunities in less space.

New land use classes are being discussed to encourage more urban design principles and better planning.

How can you be a part of this city of the future?

Anyone living in Bunbury has the opportunity to have their say in the future of this developing city. It's a fantastic place for children and young professionals looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Western Australian capital up the coast.

To find out more about moving into your dream home in this exciting city, make sure you contact the local experts at Ray White Bunbury.

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