Safety first on Ocean Drive

By Kevin Kelly

Getting out and about in Bunbury has just been made even safer thanks to the installation of several safety lights along Ocean Drive.

The path is a popular route among those living in houses to rent in Bunbury, but there had been concerns that it could pose a safety threat because it's so dimly lit.

Runners and walkers can often be seen using the path that runs from Mangles Street to Pendal Street. It was a group of local councillors who recommended that additional lighting should be installed.

City of Bunbury councillor Betty McCleary said many residents of the area thought the path was too dark, so funding for the solar lighting was received from the area's hot-spot lighting budget.

There are plans to upgrade the lighting in the future so it includes wired street lighting, but the relocatable solar modules will stay in place for the time being.

This follows the news that a new cycle path had been launched in the Bunbury region, which runs along Parade Road through to Dalyellup.

It's designed to connect local communities and is likely to be a great option if you're living in the area keen on two-wheeled travel.

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