Should you be moving or improving?

By Kevin Kelly

Changing up where you live can help to really refresh your outlook. If you're constantly drained after a day at work and feel like the weekends are always too short, it could be because your home isn't up to your high standards.

There could be lots of DIY work or gardening that needs doing all the time, and making a move into a new home might feel like the best option. However, if you have a lovely patch of real estate in Australind and don't want to find another neighbourhood that you love, renovating your existing home could be more advisable.

Whether you decide to improve your current property or buy another home in this great city, the team at Ray White Bunbury are on hand to help out. Renovating will mean modernising in a lot of cases, and if you've got no idea about where to start, then advice from a property professional could be your best bet. After all, when you come to sell down the track, you'll want your improvements to have actually added to the value of your home!

Renovations in Bunbury are a step forward

There's a lot of character in the existing homes around Bunbury, and making improvements, either inside or outside, will help to increase the ever-present charm that these properties offer. That will help to drive the value skyward too.

CoreLogic RP Data monthly indices show that the median dwelling value in Perth has dropped by 4.23 per cent over the past 12 months to sit at $588,790. This will have an effect on the value of properties elsewhere in the state, so doing everything you can to improve your home will help with your capital gains.

The Housing Industry Association reported in a 16 June media release that renovations made up 35 per cent of all residential construction last year, so it's clearly a popular option.

Will you take a step toward DIY improvements or buy elsewhere and start afresh? Get in touch with Ray White Bunbury to discuss your options.

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