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Are you new to investing or have you thought of expanding your existing investment portfolio? Just as if planning for an engagement/wedding or life, planning ahead can be the difference between achieving your goals or simply aspiring to them. Speak to a financial advisor or accountant about your objectives and timeframe. Consider any risks. The more specific and prepared you are the better chance you have of success.  Remember to be flexible to cater for changes and challenges that the real estate and financial market may present. Share your objectives with your current Real Estate Agent or Property Manager, they may have the perfect opportunity for you without the leg work!

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  • How to spend a weekend in Dunsborough

    One of the many great things about living in Bunbury is its proximity to many of southwestern Australia’s most interesting attractions. Take a drive to the small town of Dunsborough and explore some of the best sights in the area – Sugarloaf Rock, Meelup Beach, Swandive Wreck and more are waiting for you to visit.

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  • How will the new local planning scheme affect Bunbury?

    Bunbury’s future development is looking strong with the news that the new local planning scheme has been approved. Opening the door for more mixed-used properties, and more high-density, high rise development, the new scheme is set to kick start an inner-city living trend. But what else does it offer Bunbury?

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