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Real estate in Bunbury

Of the more than 20,000km of majestic coastline in the state of Western Australia, some of the most beautiful 50km or so of it can be found in Bunbury on the south west. It doesn’t take long to see that Bunbury, if not the heart of the state, is certainly it’s soul.

Though you may not know it, when you think of Western Australia, Bunbury is probably what you see. With its incredible scenery, wondrous natural attractions and beaches that are practically begging for you to jump in and have a swim, Bunbury is the quintessential Western Australian city. It’s hardly a wonder why available real estate in Bunbury is disappearing like pie from the windowsill.

What are the sights and sounds of property in Bunbury?

If you’re someone who fancies natural wonders, then you’ve hit the jackpot with property in Bunbury. Have a stroll down to Wyalup-Rocky Point and Back Beach where you can bear witness to the remains of the epic tussles which gave our planet form, the lava from thousands of years back having deposited basalt rock formations. With its landscaped picnic areas, it’s the perfect place to leave the world behind for a few moments.

You’ve also got the Leschenault Inlet and Mangrove Cove right in the CBD, where you can see the white mangroves which have called the city home for 25,000 years, as well as more than 60 species of waterbird. Did we also mention the expansive beaches of white sand, such as Peppermint Grove?

If you’re tired of marveling at mother nature’s grand design, Bunbury offers a one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan experience. From alfresco dining and boutique stores to huge shopping malls and award-winning restaurant, the city-loving side of you will more than get its fill. Whether it’s a permanent home or a rental property in Bunbury you’re after, the possibilities for entertainment are endless.

Am I the right buyer for real estate in Bunbury?

Before finding yourself a real estate agent in Bunbury, you might be worried about whether you’ll fit in with the crowd. Rest assured, Bunbury is a welcoming place. With a population mostly composed of professionals and childless couples, it’s the perfect location to seek out once the kids have flown the coop, or if you happen to be an up and coming professional yourself.

However, with the 12 parks that cover nearly 8 per cent of its total area and the nearby Bunbury Primary School, Senior High School and Cathedral Grammar School, it can still be the perfect place to give your kids a unique and valuable upbringing.

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