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Real estate in Dalyellup

Around 10km south of Bunbury is a little slice of Australian heaven called Dalyellup. Exploring the sun-swept neighbourhoods of this suburb nestled among Australia’s native bush lets you experience the best of what Western Australia has to offer, straddling the line between civilisation and the wild land of the south that refuses to be settled.

Make no mistake, however – property in Dalyellup is no shack in the woods. Dalyellup is vibrant, beachside community that has much to offer any modern home buyer.

Living in real estate in Dalyellup

Home buyers have been flocking to Dalyellup’s breezy streets, and it’s not hard to see why. With a significant presence of young children, many families have already found out that Dalyellup is the perfect place to raise their young ones.

The great schools on offer to Dalyellup residents – from Dalyellup Primary School and several different colleges, to an International Music School and a child care centre – every stage of your child’s upbringing will be accounted for here.

If a quiet life of leisure and adventure is what you want for your young ones, a childhood spent in Dalyellup will more than do the trick. And when they eventually leave the nest, you’ll have a beautiful place to bask in the sun and spend your years of independence.

Best of all, Dalyellup is no isolated outpost. A trip to Bunbury is only 16 minutes away, where you can enjoy the culture and food on offer in the city. If you so choose, you can even take a train up from Bunbury to Perth, the City of Light, and enjoy the sights on offer there.

Live among nature in a property in Dalyellup

If you’re a nature lover, there’s plenty here for you, too. Owning a residential or rental property in Dalyellup. The local beaches are perfect for those days spent wiling away the hours in the sea and sand. Unlike those living in property in inland, with real estate in Dalyellup, you can go and choose to taste the ocean whenever you like.

Not only that, but the parks and the sections of native bush which pepper the suburb are perfect for a bit of impromptu exploration, or pick up games of footy or soccer.

For those who are keen to get a little more stuck in, a number of different nature walks let you admire the beauty of the truat, the baskia and other types of native tree.

If this sounds like your kind of place, get in touch with a real estate agent in Dalyellup today.