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3 packing tips for a smooth move

By Kevin Kelly

It's said that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Ray White Bunbury try and make the paperwork side of life as smooth as possible, but sadly, we don't have control over everything. Instead, we've put together a few packing tips to help as best we can. With these handy hints, your belongings should arrive intact and easy to find.

Label, label and label

Don't hold back on labeling. Piles of near-identical boxes stacked in every room of your new home is enough to make anyone miserable, but having no idea what's inside any given box makes it much worse. Every time you fill a box, at the very least mark it up on the outside with the type of belongings inside and which room they came from.

To take it a step further, write a mini inventory as you pack and stick it to the outside. There's nothing worse than being confronted with 10 kitchen boxes and not knowing where to start looking for the one item you need right now. Being able to scan the inventory will make it much quicker to find what you're after when settling into to your new Bunbury property.

Use sensible packing materials

It really pays to get the right kind of packing materials from your moving company. If you're packing heavy items like books, make sure you are using strong boxes. Heavier items are well-suited to smaller boxes so that they cannot be over packed and cause injury when lifting. Kitchen items such as glasses are best stored in a special boxes with individual pockets for each item. Wardrobe boxes are now available for moving your clothes.

Use bubble wrap around anything that might suffer not only from being dropped, but from something harder scratching its surface. Newspaper is good for protecting non-breakable items. It's worth investing in some good quality packing tape too.

Plan your packing schedule

It almost always takes longer than you'd think. Work out what you're not going to need before you move and start packing those items as soon as possible. Books and out of season clothing are good items to get started with.

Once you've packed those items, think about when everything can be packed. When can you manage with just a couple of plates and bowls? Can you eat out on the last evenings? Be as ruthless as you can when it comes to what remains unpacked so that the last couple of days only involve piling a few last items into a box or bag.

If you're ready for your next piece of Bunbury real estate, contact Ray White today and get the process started.

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