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4 easy tips for saving water in your home

By Kevin Kelly

It's particularly easy to get carried away with our water usage during the hottest, driest month of the year (according to the Bureau of Meteorology, mean rainfall in Bunbury is at its lowest during February). There are plenty of places to cool off around town but the Australian government recognises that our homes and gardens are responsible for approximately 12 per cent of our country's total water use. You can do your bit to help out the environment, our farmers and the local community by putting these easy-peasy water-saving tricks into action in your household. 

1. Grow drought-resistant plants 

If your plants are hardier, you won't need as much water to look after them. Instead of planting luscious flower beds that require constant watering, consider a cactus garden. Don't want your front yard looking like the set of a western flick? Opt for drought-resistant plants that need minimal watering. Native plants are the perfect option, as they are well suited to the WA climate. You won't even notice those sprinkler restrictions (visit the WA Department of Water website for more on these). 

2. Have a shorter shower

We know, we know. By the time you've gotten the temperature just right, scrubbed yourself from head to toe and contemplated the meaning of life, half an hour has passed by. Showering accounts for 22 per cent of total household water use, according to The Water Corporation. Therefore, shortening your daily shower will significantly reduce your water consumption. All you need to do is take one Beyoncé tune out of your shower singing repertoire. 

3. Wash your car on the grass

By moving your vehicle from the driveway to the lawn, you'll be cleaning your car and quenching those thirsty blades of grass at the same time. Kill two birds with one stone and ensure the water you use doesn't go to waste. 

4. Push the half flush 

This is surely the easiest habit to get into. Simply crank that muscle memory into gear – all it takes is remembering to push the other button after you go. 

5. Set your dishwasher to eco mode

Most of us tend to set our dishwasher to a standard cycle, but unless your dishes are really dirty, you can save a lot of water by opting for eco mode. If you handwash your dishes, fill up the sink instead of letting the water run.

You may need to make a few tiny changes to your daily routine, but these simple actions will make a huge difference to your household water usage (and your water bill!) Plus, you'll be doing your bit to ensure the Bunbury area has plenty of water to go round.

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