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4 ways to modernise your bathroom without breaking the bank

By Kevin Kelly

Bathrooms can be an expensive part of your property to revamp. Not only do most of us appreciate a modern bathroom, a style overhaul can also help when it comes to selling your Bunbury property.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can make minor upgrades on a budget, that completely refresh your bathroom without serious renovations. 

1) Modernise your shower unit

Grubby shower curtains and old-fashioned shower screens do nothing for your bathroom. Changing to a sleek and modern clear glass screen really transforms a bathroom, making it feel spacious as well as look more stylish. 

Of course, now that everyone can see straight into your shower, it's worth decluttering it and keeping it clean so as not to detract from your other efforts.

2) Add a splash of paint

It's not necessary to rip out your entire bathroom and start from scratch. Repainting a few key spots changes the look completely, and brings a bathroom into the modern era. 

A good place is start is to paint just the top or bottom half of your bathroom walls, leaving the other a neutral colour. Opt for a modern shade, and if you're planning to sell soon, keep it to a colour that appeals to the majority.

You also paint smaller feature walls, or alcoves, if you have a small space to work with.

3) Change your accessories and fixtures

A super cheap way of changing the look of your bathroom, is to focus on your fixtures and other accessories. Swap out tired drawer and cupboard handles for something new and snazzy, and change ancient tap faucets to a sleek and shiny alternative. Even the seemingly unimportant items, like towel rails or hooks contribute to the overall look of a bathroom.

Old-fashioned cabinets or mirrors can easily be changed for new ones, and even replacing worn towels with fresh fluffy ones helps to revive a tired room. Add a healthy looking plant and your bathroom will look almost new.

4) Declutter your surfaces

It's not just your newly screened shower that you should declutter. Clearing other surfaces allows your modern features to shine through, rather than detract from all the hard work you've put in. Minimal clutter also makes it easier to keep clean – a desirable bathroom trait in itself!

If you don't have enough storage, invest in a few key pieces that will home whatever you have lying around. By picking wisely, these units contribute to modernising your accessories. Repainted wooden crates, for example, are both practical and fashionable.

If you're getting ready to sell your Bunbury property, or you're looking for a new place to call home, get in touch with the Ray White team for expert advice.

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