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5 things you should do when buying a house

By Kevin Kelly

Buying a house can be a stressful experience, especially if it's your first. A home is a huge investment that's often paid for over the course of a lifetime, so it's definitely not a purchase decision you want to make rashly, or without the proper preparation.

Here are five things you should do when buying real estate in Bunbury.

Check the ceilings

Look up and see whether any of the ceilings are sagging. If they are, this may be due to moisture buildup or leaks. It can be difficult to see with certain ceilings due to their colour or finish, so a good way to check is to stand at the edge of a room and look towards the centre – the longer view will help make any imperfections noticeable. 

Measure the temperature

Take a note of the temperature in each room. Is one deadly hot or icy cold? While the time of the year is going to influence this quite heavily, knowing the relative temperature characteristics of a house can help you understand what it might be like in the middle of summer or the bottom of winter's chill.

Understand the land

Walk around the section the house is on. Does it look like the land might be prone to flooding or erosion?  If there are gardens, what kind of condition are they in? If gardening's not your thing, it can make things look messy fast.

Are there signs of mould?

Hunting for mould is a good idea for two reasons. The first is that, if it's present it can be costly to clean and remove, an expense you may wish to avoid. The second (and more important) is that mould is a sign of dampness. It's the canary in the coal mine for a house that mightn't be very comfortable to live in.

Pay for a professional inspection

The best way to avoid any nasty surprises is to pay for a professional inspection of the property. While the expense might seem a lot for a house you might not even end up purchasing, it's worth it for the peace of mind you'll gain if you do choose to buy.

Take some of the pain out of buying a house and get in touch with the expert team at Ray White for more information on buying real estate in Bunbury.

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