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Aussie real estate world’s greenest for fifth year

By Kevin Kelly

Ideally, when you buy a home – whether it's real estate in Eaton, Australind or elsewhere in the Bunbury area – you want to be sure you're making a responsible purchase. Responsible not just for your situation, but the environment as well. After all, property can have a huge environmental impact, not only when you take into account the resources that go into constructing a home, but also the subsequent water and energy use once they're built. 

Fortunately, the Australian real estate industry is globally acknowledged as among the greenest in the world, a fact that was reiterated recently by the 2015 GRESB survey. For what is now the fifth consecutive year, Australia and New Zealand were declared by the organisation to have the most sustainable real estate practices in the world. 

"The Australian property industry has every reason to hold its head up high and be proud of another tremendous GRESB result," commented Property Council of Australia chief executive Ken Morrison. 

"Not only is our industry keeping the economy growing and providing jobs for more Australians than almost any other – we are doing it sustainably, ranking as the word's greenest property industry."

Australia and New Zealand received a score of 69 in the survey, far ahead of its competition. The European real estate industry achieved a score of only 56, while Asia and North America were both left in the dust with only 54 each. 

In more concrete terms, what that means for Australians is if that if they purchase real estate in Bunbury and surrounding areas, they can be confident they're making an environmentally friendly decision. That property will not only be a home for you and your family, it also won't impose an unduly large burden on the environment. 

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