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Basic Tips in Keeping Your WA Home Secure

By Kevin Kelly

Your home is something you’ve worked hard for, so protecting your home is a priority for every property owner in Bunbury.

Keeping your home secure does not have to mean spending thousands of dollars. For first home buyers who don’t have that cash, there are a few basic measures that you can take into account when planning the security of your home.

Ensuring main windows and door entry points are clear of trees and bushes ensures burglars cannot loiter and take time to break in without being seen.

Good quality deadlocks to both windows and doors are essential. External doors should have proper mesh security doors fitted and steel security grilles or roll down shutters can also be fitted to windows.

Sensor lights outside of house are also a great deterrent, as anything which interrupts or startles a burglar will make them think twice about continuing. They can be wired into your mains (a job for a qualified electrician) or powered using an extension lead running from inside the house.

For valuables that must be kept at home, a properly installed safe is far more secure than the top drawer of your dresser.

Cameras and electronic equipment should be engraved with a security number and records should be kept of makes, models and serial numbers.

If you have a shed, keep the door locked. Use a quality case-hardened padlock with a hardened shackle. Garden sheds often present burglars with a soft target and things like mowers, leaf blowers and bicycles are easily converted into cash.

Ladders, if left out, can not only easily be sold by a thief but can also provide them with access to second floor windows or skylights.

For personal protection, install a peep hole in the front door and fit a security chain or latch which will allow the door to open a crack.

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