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Bunbury Becomes Electric Wheelchair and Gopher Friendly

By Kevin Kelly

People who rely on gophers and electric wheelchairs to get around can breathe a sigh of relief, as getting around Bunbury just got a lot easier.

Residents who own real estate in Bunbury and use a gopher or wheelchair to get around – or know someone who does – will be happy to hear about the installation of 11 free recharge points around the city.

Brochures with a map inside (and a wallet-sized card) are available with all the details of the places to recharge. So if you're out and about and discover you need a battery top-up, just head over to one of the locations, which will be easy to identify by the 'Recharge Point' sticker.

"As well as enabling gopher and wheelchair users to become more active in and around their community, the Program also promotes disability access issues and fosters awareness," said Isabell Evans, City of Bunbury Community Development Officer.

The community as a whole will benefit from the program's efforts to advocate disability concerns in the city. Those involved in Bunbury property management will enjoy knowing that if people who have a disability are interested in Bunbury rentals, they will enjoy a better quality of life and ease of accessibility in the city.

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