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Bunbury Boosts Crime Prevention

By Kevin Kelly

The federal government has awarded $391,000 to the city of Bunbury via its National Crime Prevention Fund (NCPF). The fund exists to help local governments invest in and upgrade infrastructure that increases public safety.     

The city's use of a closed circuit television (CCTV) network in the CBD has already achieved notable results – chiefly reducing the levels of lawlessness and antisocial conduct by half. Making the CBD safer also serves to increase the value of real estate in Bunbury. 

The City of Bunbury plans to expand the installation of CCTV to include public areas and suburbs. Currently on the docket are Withers and Glen Iris State Park, though other locations will likely be included as plans are finalised.

Since the initial installation of CCTV in 1998, the number of attacks, boisterous drunken stunts and other disruptive behaviour has decreased dramatically. Other crime prevention techniques, such as well-lit streets, parks, and other gathering areas, will also be implemented thanks to the new funding.

The development and application of crime prevention measures in the CBD will improve tourism in the area and encourage residents to participate in local events and festivals. Owners of property in Bunbury stand to benefit from the city's efforts to make the community a safer place, as such measures will increase the value of their investments. 

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