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Bunbury Council to Improve Communications in 2014

By Kevin Kelly

Many people will no doubt already be looking forward to what 2014 has in store and making their New Year's resolutions – and the City of Bunbury is no exception.

The council has decided to refocus its efforts on how it interacts with the community, which should benefit those living in real estate in Bunbury South and beyond.

One of the biggest improvements will be seen in the area of digital and social media, giving people more modern ways of being able to get in touch with councillors and service providers.

City of Bunbury chief executive officer Andrew Brien said the intention is to liaise with people on a more regular basis about the matters that mean the most to them.

"Through these changes we aim to increase the ways we communicate with people across multiple communication channels, and hopefully through this we will reach a larger demographic," he commented.

Another improvement planned for 2014 will be the introduction of household panels, which will see local residents come together to discuss the topics that interest them most.

In addition, the weekly City Focus publication will be increased to a full page so more information is available to residents.

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