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Bunbury debates deregulated trading hours

By Kevin Kelly

The city of Bunbury is one that truly listens to its residents. Everyone in Bunbury knows that the city is more than just those who sit on its council and who run its public facilities. A city is also the different people who live in its houses, shop at its stores and walk on its streets. That's why when a big change is planned, the city makes sure to consult its citizens before going any further. 

You can see this process in action right now, as the city has launched a household panel to gauge its residents' opinions on proposed deregulated trading hours in Bunbury. The way things stand right now, business owners can be open seven days a week, which includes most public holidays, but are restricted in which hours they can stay open. 

Business owners have already indicated that they would prefer deregulated hours, which would allow them to personally choose their opening and closing hours in accordance with what suits their customers. 

If the measure does go through, it could make real estate in Bunbury an even more desirable option for home buyers, with stores potentially staying open later and so providing added opportunities for recreation and fun. 

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