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Bunbury doing it’s bit to save water

By Kevin Kelly

The Bunbury City Council has made significant strides when it comes to saving water – that precious resource, sometimes so scarce around Western Australia.

How encouraging is it that your local electorate is pushing to make the most of its water use? Well, that's up to you, but it certainly spells good news for people who own real estate in Bunbury. There is also the fact that our parks are healthy and thriving while still using less water! That's fantastic to hear for all of us residents out in the fields everyday – kids will be loving it as well.

Water saving is the key

The council saved 206,714 kilolitres of water last year after changes were made to the irrigation systems, mulching compounds and more scheduled inspections were put in place. Technology is also a driving force behind this mammoth improvement in water usage, as the director of Works and Services Gavin Harris points out.

"A great example of this is Hands Oval where water sensors provide soil moisture content readings, which are used to adjust the programming of irrigation to ensure the turf receives the ideal amount of water. We have also carried out scheduled irrigation inspections at all of our public open space to ensure repairs are actioned in a timely manner to avoid wasting water."

Sporting grounds are also being helped out, as heavy usage often requires greater care to be taken – usually resulting in a greater water usage.

Alongside all of these changes to infrastructure and technology are more basic principles, including hydrozoning, or the grouping of plants with relatively similar irrigation needs in one area. This can cut down on unnecessary watering of flora that requires far less than other plants.

The City Council is doing it's part to make residents' quality of life better in the city, and Bunbury rentals might receive a welcome boost regarding tenancy. Get in touch with Ray White Bunbury to find out more.

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