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Bunbury Home Business Given Go-Ahead

By Kevin Kelly

The City of Bunbury Council has granted permission to a new home business in the city, providing it meets a number of strict conditions.

Dr Patricia Sherwood will be operating the business in Sturt Street and will be subject to a trial period of six months, as well as all the usual local laws.

Officers from City of Bunbury Council will monitor the development during this trial period, during which time it will offer reports to the authorities.

It will then be determined whether the approval period is to be extended by a further six months.

Some owners of real estate in Bunbury expressed their disapproval of the plans, but a compromise was eventually reached that will allow the venture to go ahead.

Mayor of Bunbury Gary Brennan explained how this is the perfect example of the local community coming together to reach a resolution accepted by everyone.

"In this instance, council was able to work as a facilitator to bring the parties together to reach an amicable solution," he commented.

Sturt Street is a prime location for real estate, offering easy access to other parts of Bunbury, while also being within easy reach of Newton Moore Senior High School and other facilities.

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