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Bunbury recognised for emergency response efforts

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury has once again been recognised for its community safety efforts, this time at the State 2014 Resilient Australia Awards in Perth.

The City of Bunbury was acknowledged for its U-4-72 emergency management project, which aims to protect those living in Bunbury rentals and other properties in the event of a major incident.

Community members are given access to seminars on how they can prepare themselves, as well as their family and neighbours just in case an incident should ever occur.

In addition to this, emergency kits containing crucial components such as water purifying tablets and a torch can be purchased through the initiative.

The project has been running for two years and aims to address the unpreparedness that often makes the impact of major events worse than it should be.

"By building self-responsibility and resilience to all hazards, the U-4-72 project provides the tools for people to be better prepared for worst-case scenarios, where these potential risks become a reality," said community law, safety and emergency management manager John Kowal.

He emphasised how the more number of Bunbury residents who are involved, the more effective the project will be if it ever needs to be put into action.

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