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Bunbury to introduce single rating system

By Kevin Kelly

A new single rate system will soon be coming into force across the city, which will affect you if you own houses to rent in Bunbury.

The City of Bunbury will instead be shifting towards a single rating system, which will mean that everyone who is liable for paying rates will do so based on the gross rental value of their property.

At the moment, the council sets a minimum rate and applies all sorts of differentials such as city centre, industrial, non-residential and mixed-business.

Moving forward, a minimum rate of $1,000 will be set, which should mean the average rate paid by a residential property owner will increase by 4.3 per cent.

Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan said the move will mean a fairer distribution of rents across commercial, industrial and residential payers.

"The move away from differential rates and introduction of a single-rating system is a positive and equitable move for the ratepayers," said the mayor.

You now have just a matter of days to air your opinions on the plans to the local council. If you're a ratepayer and want to have your say, sign up to the council's Household Panel.

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