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Bunbury Wildlife Park welcomes latest resident

By Kevin Kelly

There's never any shortage of activities to do when you move to real estate in Bunbury, and one major attraction has recently improved its attractions even further.

Bunbury Wildlife Park announced last month that Zeus the tiger quoll had joined its various other residents – and he is set to be a real crowd pleaser.

"Zeus is a fantastic addition to our native animals' cohort at the Park and we are very pleased to have him," said Bunbury Wildlife Park manager Kristina Knight.

"Visitors are more than welcome to meet Zeus however must be warned – he may look cute and cuddly, but he does have a ferocious bite."

Zeus was bred in captivity at Peel Zoo and he's been treated to a varied diet since relocating to his new home. A statement from the wildlife park explains that Zeus is a very curious and active animal because of the time spent raising him by hand.

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