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Bunbury Youths Take Ownership of Glen Iris Skate Park

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury is a great place to grow up with a variety of leisure and educational facilities provided for the younger members of the community. 

The recently completed Glen Iris skate park is the latest facility built for youths living in real estate in Bunbury. The skate park opened at the beginning of 2014 and has been a hit with local children, teenagers and their parents. 

With the park being so successful, the Bunbury council is considering appropriate locations for construction of further skate parks and similar facilities. 

As the skate park has become a hub for youth gatherings in the area, the council is on the hunt for an artist to paint a series of murals on the quarter pipes, gazebos and buildings surrounding the park. 

The project intends to give control of the park to teens and make it more attractive while also deterring graffiti and other vandalism. 

"It's about giving the young people who use the skate park a sense of ownership over the space," said City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan in a March 26 statement. 

With the council committed to creating a more liveable place for children and teens it is no wonder property and houses to rent in Bunbury are so sought after by young and growing families. 

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