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Bunbury’s infrastructure set for big improvements

By Kevin Kelly

Our roads and pathways are what connects Bunbury residents with one another, and that sense of community is truly something special. With a plan to renew and maintain the current infrastructure around the city, the city council will make a decision about whether or not the proposal will be implemented over the next few years and boost the region even further.

The council will deliberate on the proposal up until the 2016-17 Budget is released, and if accepted, real estate in Bunbury could become much more accessible to buyers.

Council dedicated to the cause

When the decision is made, rates in Bunbury could increase by a total of 4.5 per cent, although that includes a 1 per cent general rate increase that will go straight towards a major infrastructure project.

By the end of 2020, the improved infrastructure is expected to generate $1.8million in revenue, and Bunbury mayor Gary Brennan outlines the importance of having a sound road and transport system.

"I am confident the community will welcome the council's commitment to maintaining our infrastructure through a dedicated source. Infrastructure is what makes our city tick and we need to ensure it is addressed efficiently and with economic maturity. We also need to do it in a way the community can afford and this strategy does just that."

What does this mean for real estate?

For one thing, the council's continued commitment to improving the city and the lifestyles of residents in Bunbury is very encouraging for new and potential buyers. A city that is improving and a council that keeps making sound changes for financial security will draw people in, and confidence in real estate around the city in places like Bunbury East will benefit greatly.

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