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Bunbury’s own ‘Pont des Arts’

By Kevin Kelly

Contemporary art has found a true home in Bunbury.

From the shores of Paris to overlooking the sea, a 'Love Lock' inspired piece of art has been installed in the city to boost positivity and community spirit. Real estate in Eaton could receive a welcome boost as the work is being positioned at the Leschenault Inlet foreshore.

Breathing inspiration into Bunbury

The positive messages on the padlocks are expected to be inspired by the natural and man-made environment around the inlet.

"The artwork, which was created by Andrew Frazer and Jordan Gianfrancesco, was a big hit at its temporary home at Marlston Square during The Shift – Youth Arts Festival and we expect it to provide the same inspiration at its new location," said City of Bunbury community development team leader Deanna Sullivan.

"Unlike the Paris bridge, however, we are encouraging people to take the key home with them as a reminder of their message, rather than throw it into the water as they did in France."

Emulating the successes of Paris

Parisians and tourists alike have been attaching symbols of love to the famous bridge for years. The Pont des Arts was such a romantic success that eventually the padlocks had to be removed because they were a danger to the stability of the construction. All 45 tonnes of them.

While it would be nice to think that the Revolution artwork can hold 45 tonnes of inspiring messages, it is unlikely. However, the positive sentiment that the now-community based project is likely to spread could see marked improvements all over Bunbury real estate.

The greater feeling of community spirit could well be the start of a property revolution, and continued participation in community projects around the city will only produce further improvements.

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