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Buy your next home with confidence

By Kevin Kelly

If you're on the hunt for real estate in Bunbury, you're in for a treat. However, you should always let your head, and not your heart, lead the way. A new house is likely going to be your home for at least a few years, so be wise and know for sure what you're buying.

Inspect everything

Use caution before you buy and ensure that the house is up to standard. Check walls, floors, and ceilings for warping, cracking, or mould.

Take the time during an open home to check the fixtures. Test faucets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry. Remember to check that the water is draining properly. You can test power outlets with a hairdryer, and light switches can easily be checked. Make sure that all doors and windows close and lock properly – security problems need to be addressed ASAP!

Noticing issues doesn't mean you shouldn't buy the house, but weigh up the money you'll have to spend fixing them against how much the seller is asking for.

When making an offer on a property, set a building inspection as a condition of purchase. You'll likely have to pay for the inspection, but it's worth it. Having a reputable building inspector look at the property and discuss its issues with you will help you better understand your potential new home.

Look to the future

Say you're planning to spend the foreseeable future in a house – let that influence your decisions.

Think about the lifestyle you plan to have. If children are in your future, you'll need a place with space to reflect that. A yard is a great idea to give kids space to run around, but can add significantly to the cost. Figure out how close the property is to safe parks and playgrounds. You may also want a spare to room to convert into a nursery when the time comes.

Maybe you're not planning on having kids, but you love to entertain. Look at the entertaining spaces in the property – can you heat them well in the winter? Is there any outdoor flow for the summer? You can always redecorate, but matters of insulation and the like require a bit more work.

Know where you're buying

Have a drive around the neighbourhood. Look for the local shopping precinct, nearest motorway access, and schools. Talk to the real estate agent about the area and how it might suit your needs. Proximity to the above institutions can provide great convenience, but may also increase the noise around your home.

Keep an eye out for new cafes or transport options under construction, as these can add value to your home once they're finished and you're ready to move on.

To get some guidance in buying a Bunbury home, why not drop us a line today?

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