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Choose Respect: Making Bunbury a better place to live

By Kevin Kelly

It's a community that makes a city, and Bunbury is blessed with an outstanding sense of friendship that draws all of its residents together and makes the region so appealing to those looking to buy property in Bunbury and move to the area.

Even so, it's critical to continue working towards a better community, one where everybody can feel welcome and supported. That's why the city of Bunbury has long decided to Choose Respect, and why everyone involved in the program is working so hard to create a better future. 

Choose Respect

Choose Respect is a long-term project that aims to make communities better by encouraging positivity in the way we treat one another. The project is based on a simple code of behaviour, encompassing: 

  • Treating others, and yourself, with respect
  • Forgiving others and apologising
  • Supporting those who aren't treated with respect

The program was launched in 2006, initially with a focus on reducing bullying in schools, but since then Choose Respect has leapt from strength to strength, growing into an ongoing initiative that positively impacts all areas of the Bunbury community. 

An essential part of Choose Respect's growth was the support the program received from Bunbury MLA John Castrilli in 2008. Recognising the success of Choose Respect in schools, he saw it as the answer to a more serious question: "What can we do about the rise in anti-social behaviour, violence and vandalism?"

Respect in the CBD

With additional funding, a new community forum and a dedicated management team, Choose Respect has been able to expand and make a real difference throughout Bunbury over the last decade. Organisations as diverse as local schools, government departments, Bunbury Regional Prison and over 100 businesses have all gotten involved, with an essential part of the program being the placement of Choose Respect signage throughout the community. 

The latest batch of Choose Respect signs have been recently placed in Bunbury's CBD, most notably in the Grand Cinemas Complex. Having the Choose Respect message in such a prominent position will further encourage residents to think before they act, and to use their actions to make Bunbury a better place for everybody. As John Castrilli explained to the Bunbury Mail: 

"More and more we are seeing people reach out to embrace the simple Choose Respect message. If we want to build a better community, then we all have a responsibility to do something and be part of the change." 

These sorts of initiatives are the ones that will have the biggest impact on the long-term future of Bunbury, ensuring it remains a warm, welcoming place to live. 

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