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Collaboration 2014 returns a fourth time to Bunbury

By Kevin Kelly

Is there anything that wood can't do? A fuel source, a building material, a decorative piece – the possibilities of wood are legion. Not least of these is the fact that wood makes a nifty and attractive material for artwork, as artists as varied as Albrecht Durer and his woodcuts and Constantin Brancusi and his sleek, minimalist wooden sculptures can attest. 

If you need a further reminder of this, the Collaborations 2014 exhibition coming this 5 September to 12 October at Bunbury Regional Art Galleries will do nicely. The exhibition showcases various pieces of fine art carved out of wood by some of the country's finest woodworkers, and is sure to be a great day out for anyone with real estate in Bunbury East, South and every other direction in the city.

The biannual exhibition is returning for its fourth time to the city of Bunbury, and aims to challenge viewers' traditional perceptions of woodworking.

"The techniques used by these artisans may be traditional, but what they create is contemporary, exciting and technically brilliant," the city of Bunbury raved in a 21 August media release. 

Such techniques include carving, turning and sculpting, giving audiences a fresh perspective on what is possible from a little bit of elbow grease and some pieces of lumber.

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