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Dealing With Tradespeople

By Kevin Kelly


Identifying and keeping a good relationship with tradespeople is paramount to good property management however there are some things and pitfalls to navigate to ensure your relationship stays strong with the right tradespeople. Over the next few weeks we will reveal some useful hints and tips to getting it right.

1. Ensure Tradespeople are Qualified and Insured

There are some tradespeople who do not carry the right qualifications or who are not covered by public liability insurance. When using a tradesperson for the first time, be sure to ask for a copy of their qualifications and insurance so you know that they are properly covered to conduct business with you and your property.

2. Tradespeople Like Easy Access

When you have requested a tradesperson do some work at your property, ensure you have either gained permission from your tenant to give them access with a key, oryou have supplied them with up to date tenant contact details (with your tenants permission) so they can quickly get access. Where access is difficult, work is usually delayed and can cause upset and annoyance with your tenant.

3. Tip Three- Don’t Insist on Cheap Rates! 

A good tradesperson will usually charge a reasonable fee and a much cheaper tradesperson can be a possible indication of poor service. When the pain of bad workmanship lingers long after the cost is forgotten, paying a reasonable rate for a good and reliable service is just good business!

4. Look After Your Tradespeople! 

Once you have found good tradespeople be sure to look after them! Tradespeople like electricians and plumbers often have more work than they can cope with and can pick and choose who they wish to deal with. Ensuring that you pay them on time, giving them easy access to do repairs and treating them with respect is all part of a good healthy business relationship to assist you with managing your property well.

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