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Detached Home Approvals Double Medium Density Properties In Western Australia

By Kevin Kelly

Western Australia has bucked the trend of medium density properties, being the only state in Australia to see stand-alone homes have a higher number of approvals than medium density properties (apartments, townhouses, etc.) over the last 12 months. 

This could be great news for those interested in purchasing real estate in Bunbury, especially for anyone hoping to find a traditional family home rather than an apartment. 

The Bankwest Housing Density Report found the number of stand alone property approvals was more than double those of medium density property types, making up 38.2 per cent and 18.2 per cent, respectively. 

"Western Australia is bucking the national trend, as every other state and territory saw medium density housing steadily outstripping the popularity of traditional stand-alone homes," said Bankwest Executive General Manager Mark Reid in a February 18 statement. 

"West Australians aren't giving up on their home owner dream, shunning the convenience of medium density in order to secure their own stand-alone property." 

If you're looking into purchasing your own slice of real estate in Bunbury, or interested in finding investment properties, this data could be illuminating – especially with regards to the types of properties people in Western Australia are predominately interested in at the moment.

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