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Environmental grants available to WA’s southwest

By Kevin Kelly

Are you considering an important environmentally friendly change on your property? This South West Catchments Council (SWCC) funding opportunity could be the perfect way to make it happen.

The SWCC offers annual grants for groups, schools, councils, and owners of real estate in Bunbury and surrounds. Now in its third round of funding, the group is offering help with expenses for works in the area that cover important Landcare projects to help the natural environment. For example, it may be a project that protects habitats, rehabilitates wetlands, or restores damaged native vegetation.

Why the fund is so important

This annual grant goes to show why the South West is such a beautiful natural area. It helps to maintain the vegetation and ensure locals can still enjoy the scenery and wildlife that goes hand in hand with green spaces.

If you are looking to apply for a grant, it must fall into one of several categories. It must be some form of event or training session that maintains or improves the ecosystem, increases engagement and participation in the community, or works to restore and rehabilitate the natural environment. Alternatively, the project can in some way increase fishing and farming practices that help the natural resources bases in the area.

Naturally, with an annual fund that helps people achieve goals in these areas, the Bunbury region and surrounds have already seen some fantastic benefits.

What has the fund achieved so far?

With almost $15,000 in funding, the Leschenault Estuary will see a restoration and protection project improve the condition of the vegetation in this area, reports the Bunbury Mail.

In September last year, a private landowner applied for and was approved for a grant to fence of 60 hectares of remaining vegetation and wetlands. This will protect several endangered flora and fauna species such as Carnaby's Cockatoo by preventing stock to access the area. Additionally, the project will cut down on wind and water erosion, and improve air, soil and water quality.

Many of the successful applicants are South West real estate owners, and there have been more than 20 approved projects in just three round of funding, with more than $200,000 already working to make the region an environmentally sound place to live and work.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted by May 2017, and the event or activity must occur before June 2017.

If you're looking to purchase real estate in Bunbury or nearby, talk to the team at Ray White to find out more about living in this area and participating in the local community.

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