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Fight the bite of mosquitoes

By Kevin Kelly

There are already so many benefits to living in Bunbury, and owning real estate in suburbs such as Bunbury East and Eaton might just be a little more attractive on the back of a 5 April media release.

The lowest number of mosquitoes in years has been recorded on the back of aerial treatments that kill larvae before they have a chance to become fully fledged adults. While the insects only have a life span of two weeks, they are still annoying to have around beach side barbeques, by the pool and especially in your bedrooms at night.

Real estate in Bunbury could benefit

Bunbury City Council reported that after aerial spraying occurred, there were no larvae detected in the mangroves area and around the Leschenault inlet. After favourable breeding conditions were noticed by residents and a spike in breeding was seen, the environmental officers acted swiftly.

"It is very encouraging that when we do have an increase in activity, such as in the past week, our strategies produce fast and favourable outcomes," said Bunbury environmental health manager Sarah Upton.

"The increase in numbers was a localised occurrence and our monitoring last Friday showed that the treatment was very successful with no larvae found at our testing sites. East Bunbury residents should notice a decline in mosquito numbers over the next week."

Fighting back

Mosquitoes can be a real pain, and the recent Zika virus outbreak in South America caused a widespread scare, although the species found in Australia do not carry the virus.

The lack of pesky insects could encourage people to buy Bunbury property, and that means some will need to sell. It may well be an opportune time for your home to be on the market, so get in touch with the experts at Ray White Bunbury today and take advantage of the City Council's action plan to keep mosquito numbers down.

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