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Finding New Tenants: Questions To Ask Potential Candidates

By Kevin Kelly

Owners of houses for rent in Bunbury are likely to come up against the difficult task of selecting tenants for their properties. It can be hard to figure out the types of questions to ask prospective renters, in order to determine if they'll be a wise choice for your investment. 

However, here are some basic questions that can help you to decide whether this person is a good fit for your home. 

What were your reasons for leaving your last home?

This is a big one, because it can inform you of their character – whether they left of their own will, or if they were forced to move due to a complication with their previous landlord. 

Furthermore, their answers can be verified with their previous references, giving you an insight into whether they were honest with you about their vacancy. 

 Are you currently employed? 

This is important to know because you have to be sure they are able to meet their rental commitments each and every week.  If they're part time workers or currently between jobs, it could be worth being cautious about letting them rent your property – unless they can prove they have adequate funds and are actively looking for work. 

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