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History Discovered During Construction of Bunbury’s First Museum

By Kevin Kelly

A number of significant historical findings have been made at the site where Bunbury will be welcoming its first ever museum.

Each of the discoveries has been photographed and recorded by a heritage architect and archaeologist when they were uncovered at the Paisley Centre.

Leigh Barrett, heritage officer at the City of Bunbury, explained further: "By removing the concrete and sand we've uncovered evidence of numerous internal and external walls, with slate and bitumen damp proof courses, subfloor stumps and footings, fireplaces and hearths, and doorways."

She also revealed that old windows had been uncovered, all of which point towards how the building has changed and developed throughout the years.

The findings, which are likely to be of interest to those considering Bunbury rentals, are believed to predate the 1980s when the building was converted into a theatre.

Ms Barrett emphasised that the building was originally designed to have timber floors, so filling the underfloor area with yellow sand and pouring concrete on top prevented it from being ventilated the way it should.

When the new museum is opened, she confirmed that timber floorboards would be installed to limit future damp problems and ensure they remain in-keeping with the style of the building.

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