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How are event organisers being set up for success in Bunbury?

By Kevin Kelly

Bunbury is a city that thrives on its community feel, and that has been allowed to flourish in recent years with a great influence from the city council.

One thing that helps Bunbury residents to come together is the many events that are run each year, and that's why the city council's plan to hold traffic management courses to help event managers become even more skilled is going to encourage event planners to be in the city. With incentives such as this, could event planners start looking at real estate in Bunbury to take advantage of the ability to up-skill themselves for free?

A maximum of three members from each not-for-profit organisation are allowed to benefit from the four-hour course, and they must also hold a valid driver's licence.

What will this do for your events?

Once the course is completed, the participants will receive a Main Roads WA Event Traffic Controller accreditation which is recognised for three years.

For not-for-profits in particular, holding sustainable events cost-wise is of the utmost importance. Once the costs start to rise, the events will become less viable, and so will occur less often. In a city that is intent on encouraging more and more events to be brought into the city, that would be bad news.

A free course in event traffic management will give members of these organisations the ability to cut down on costs when it comes to controlling the roads around the buildings or parks where events are being held.

"This is one of the few workshops held each year by the City's events team to build capacity within community organisations and event organisers to enable sustainable events," said John Kowal, the acting director for corporate and community services in Bunbury.

The course will run over two four-hour sessions on 22 June, and it could make your events over the next three years significantly more accessible.

Event planners could be taking advantage of this event traffic management course if they live in the city, and that should be encouragement enough to keep a look out for Bunbury rentals.

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