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How Bunbury Museum cultivates culture

By Kevin Kelly

Having been around since 1863, the city of Bunbury is overflowing with culture, history, and artistic expression. With so much heritage and creativity to celebrate, owners of real estate in Bunbury turn to Bunbury Museum – a beautiful restored historical site itself – to bask in the past.

Restoring the Paisley Centre

Having opened in November 2016, the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre is the first museum to be developed in the area in many decades. Originally a school in 1886, the Paisley Centre building was named after longstanding headmaster and community leader Thomas Paisley. Recently, it has been extensively restored with funding from Lotterywest and community support.

The Paisley Centre has been transformed into a celebration of the history which turned Bunbury into the successful port city that it is today. There was a lot to be done to the old building – a new roof, floor, cabling, removal of concrete and replacement of dated fittings. Fortunately, the fantastic turnout of support meant that the building could be fitted out to a high standard.

What the museum has to offer

Perhaps the most exciting display at the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre is a shipwreck, spectacularly suspended from the ceiling. This is amongst the many features demonstrating the long port history of Bunbury.

The displays of the museum are not simply limited to those port-related, however. Since a collection policy was approved by the City of Bunbury in 2014, the museum has taken content offered by the people of Bunbury. These include an old drive-in cinema projector, a pulpit and even simple digital images.

Submissions are judged not based on their age, but on their significance to the story of Bunbury's growth, culture and community. They will remain open for anyone with their own piece of Bunbury history to share.

Welcoming a new curator

In September the museum welcomed Rachael Wedd as its new curator. Wedd will bring her background in environmental science and culture, as well as paleontology, to grow the museum's collection.

"I am passionate about being part of the museum's evolution, and working with the team to develop more content, particularly in regards to the local Aboriginal history in the region," Wedd told Bunbury council. 

If you've been by the Bunbury Museum and Heritage Centre and feel like you're ready to become a part of the city's amazing history, get in touch with Ray White Bunbury to talk about your relocation today.

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