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How can mobile apps improve property management?

By Kevin Kelly

According to Flurry, mobile app usage grew by 58 per cent in 2015.

For an industry that is already established, that is a monumental increase. As more people are relying on their devices to research the world around them, property management in Bunbury could be made even easier.

Taking advantage of a growing sector

A report from eMarketer predicts that 2016 will see global mobile advertising generate more than US$100billion, accounting for more than half of the global advertising spend across all formats. More companies are turning to mobile technology for promotion because a greater number of people are using their devices.

With a heavier reliance on technology, there is an opportunity for property management to be enhanced by utilising relevant apps or other existing features online. Specialised search engines enable real estate to be found faster and more efficiently, cutting out clunky results from bigger websites that can include property from all over the world. Turning to an expert within a region is a key to finding the right property for your needs.

The emergence of mobile apps is also becoming helpful in terms of finding reviews for homeowners and managers. Encouraging tenants in your Bunbury rentals to leave a review on a certain app may well enhance your image and increase potential clientele. Getting involved with apps such as the Commbank Property Guide and AroundMe can make choosing your next property a breeze. Even for real estate in Australind or other specific locations, having a sparkling review for your property because it is managed efficiently can promote your house above others.

Finding the specialists

Taking advantage of property management specialists in the Bunbury region will elevate your properties to success, and making the most of mobile technology alongside that is going to be a great move.

When you are looking at options for Bunbury property management, contacting the experts should be your next step. Ray White Bunbury has a team that can help you with anything you might need, so get in touch with them today.

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