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How do Bunbury’s bins stack up?

By Kevin Kelly

The City of Bunbury is a beautiful place to live, and it's with the help of the amazing residents staying in real estate in Bunbury that it can stay like this. According to a recent audit by the Waste Services team on household waste in the city, approximately 90 per cent of locals are dealing with their trash in the correct way.

A city council media release from 30 May outlined that more than 5,000 recycling bins were a part of this audit and were checked for any contaminating materials such as plastic shopping bags. Only 400 bins were found to have some form of contamination, which is a great result, and a testament to the work of the city council in keeping residents informed about their recycling responsibilities.

Can this number be improved?

Of course, 400 contaminated bins isn't perfect, but all of these had a contact sticker applied so people could phone up and ask how to improve their waste management.

"A great point to remember is that if it grew it goes in the green organics bin, which means paper products such as cardboard can also be disposed of in there," said Aileen Clemens, the Waste Services manager.

"If residents are confused as to what goes into which bin, all of the information can be found on the lid of the bin and also on the waste calendar which we send out annually."

Room for improvement

In 2012, 12,000 tonnes of waste was sent to landfills, however in 2015, that figure was just 5,993 tonnes. While this is a significant improvement, it's still 7 per cent off the goal figure that the city council wanted to be sending to recycling plants by last year – the aim was 30 per cent, and the number is currently estimated to be 23 per cent.

Bunbury residents are being encouraged to do their best to improve their city, and it could have a significant knock-on effect for real estate in Bunbury.

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