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How to prepare for a rental inspection

By Kevin Kelly

If you're an occupant of one of the many houses to rent in Bunbury, you're going to have regular inspections from your landlord or their property manager. The reason for this is to ensure the property is being looked after and to check whether any maintenance needs doing. Your landlord isn't trying to catch you out – they just want to see you're treating the house with respect and that it's healthy and safe to live in.

That said, there are a few things you need to do in preparation. Here's how to prepare for a rental inspection.

1. Clean up

A big part of a rental inspection is the landlord or property manager checking you're not doing damage to the house in the way you're living. So before the inspection, give the place a good clean up – it's a great opportunity to do all those big jobs at once, and bring the place back to the clean state it was initially in.

Take pride in the way your home looks, treat it as if it were your own, and you shouldn't have any troubles.

2. Write a list of problems you've found

Another part of the inspection is for you to discuss any issues you've had with the property. Appliances needing maintenance, cracks in walls that have developed – anything that is the landlords responsibility to fix, you should bring up during an inspection. Of course, you can do so at any time during a tenancy but an inspection is a good moment to make a list and give to your landlord or property manager in person, explaining each of the problems you have.

3. Make sure any minor repairs are done

If you've damaged part of the property during your tenancy, you are responsible for having it fixed. It's best to have these done before the inspection, so as not to sour your relationship with the landlord.

Landlords have to give at least seven days notice before they can conduct a routine inspection – enough time for minor repairs to be made, but tight for something more significant. Ideally, you should try and have things fixed as soon as possible. Doing so avoids the risk of having to do a hurried job before the inspection date.

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