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How will your variable rate mortgage fare in a few years?

By Kevin Kelly

Choosing the ideal mortgage is the first step for buying real estate in Australind, but those on variable rate products are being urged to think of what the future might have in store.

Rate City's Peter Arnold explained that while interest rates may be low at the moment, this doesn't mean they will stay at this level indefinitely.

This puts variable rate customers in a position where they have to think about what they would do if rates were to suddenly increase.

"Historically speaking, we're far from normal. The general talk is that rates will stay low for a long time, but a home loan is around for an even longer time," Mr Arnold said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, the Housing Industry Association (HIA) doesn't believe there should be cause for concern just yet, as the Reserve Bank of Australia has shown little sign of raising rates.

HIA chief economist Harley Dale said "the odds are shortening" on this becoming the longest period of interest rate stability in the country's history – a milestone that would be reached in March 2015.

The official cash rate was first lowered to 2.5 per cent in August 2013 and has not changed since.

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