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Instant Start scheme to benefit property in Eaton

By Kevin Kelly

New regulations have been brought into force in Western Australia, which have the potential to bring widespread advantages to property in Eaton.

Known as the Instant Start scheme, the initiative is designed to ensure building projects can get underway sooner rather than later throughout Western Australia.

Commerce minister Michael Mischin explained that planning delays can slow down the process considerably, so these latest changes will no doubt be welcomed by the state's builders.

"Each week of delay can cost the owner hundreds of dollars in mortgage costs on land and in rental costs," noted Mr Mischin.

"Builders have to allow higher margins to cover uncertain start times and cannot schedule subcontractors in the most efficient way."

Under the new scheme, builders can start construction as soon as a certified permit application has been lodged, allowing the local government to start processing it while work gets underway.

The idea is that governments will be able to provide electronic lodgement and processing of applications, which will reduce the amount of variation currently seen in parts of the state.

At the moment, a manual processing period is in place to assess applications for their compliance and completeness, which takes extra time.

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