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Keys to Enhancing the Street Appeal of your Rental Property

By Kevin Kelly

Landlords can sometimes miss the power of first impressions. The first impression is everything- it is the one that will impact the prospective tenant the most! When a prospective tenant drives by to view your property for the first time we must get it looking the best we can. In the next 5 weeks we will explore some ways that will help you do just that!

Tip One- Keys to Enhancing the Street Appeal of your Property

The Front Garden- What you see from the roadside is the key, it must look good from here! So step onto the kerb and take a look. Perhaps you could landscape and make the garden look better by laying some fresh bark chips and plant some easy to maintain native shrubs. Remove and replace dead plants, prune back and thin out trees and shrubs that have become overgrown.

Tip Two- Keys to Enhancing the Street Appeal of your Property

The Letterbox- Does the letterbox look old and rundown? Replace it with something functional and looking good. A tired, paint worn and rusty letterbox will let the look of the property down. When choosing, ensure that the colour scheme of the house matches the letterbox. If your letterbox is in good condition, it might just need a new coat of paint to freshen it up.

Tip Three- Keys to Enhancing the Street Appeal of your Property

Fences and Lawns- Are the fences unsightly and broken down? Consider replacing them if needed. Although fencing can be expensive, the right type fence whether a picket fence or a modern type metal fence can dramatically improve the street appeal of the property. Remove any rubbish lying around, mow, edge and tidy the lawns. Lawn areas directly under gum trees can suffer stunted growth, so you may want to consider converting this into a landscaped area. An easy to maintain garden is the key.

Tip Four- Keys to Enhancing the Street Appeal of your Property

Flyscreens- Do the flyscreens look in poor condition? Are they old and rusty? Over time they can wear out, lose colour and also become holed and torn rendering them unsightly. Replace them with quality mesh that will not easily deteriorate. If the property is close to the sea, choose plastic mesh rather than metal to avoid salt air corrosion. Don’t use shade cloth instead of flywire as it can ‘cheapen’ the look of your property. This helps in keeping the first impression looking great!

Tip Five- Keys to Enhancing the Street Appeal of your Property

Painting and Cleaning the Driveway- Are there any areas where the paint has peeled or is discoloured? Touch up areas that need freshening. Consider whether the outside walls require cleaning with a spray clean or a simple brush down. It is amazing how a simple clean can improve the outside look and appeal of your rental property. Does the driveway require a clean with a spray unit? Don’t put a good tenant off with a big ugly oil slick! Remember- the first impression is the one that will remain!

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