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Love playgrounds? Your kids will

By Kevin Kelly

Kids are the future, and the Bunbury City Council has realised that making them feel at home in this great city is a step toward brighter prospects down the track.

They've done this by outlining a plan that will allow children to have their say in choosing the new playground equipment that will be installed in Bill Beaton Park and Whiteman Park, a 3 June media release states. This will be great news for real estate in Bunbury East as the parks lie closest to this suburb.

The choices will be made at consultation days across Bunbury parks, and parents are encouraged to select their favourite designs as well! The selection with the most votes will win and be installed for our kids to make friends at, and play on, over their childhoods.

A (small) step toward a more energised youth

Getting young people involved in a democratic process such as this is a fantastic way to encourage them to be active in their communities. When they see that their voice has been heard and then can go and physically touch the playground they helped to select, parents won't be able to pull them away!

This is all helping with fostering the spirit of community that the city council looks so favourably upon. As this grows and the children become more and more inclined to be involved as they grow up, the city of Bunbury is going to become an even nicer place to live.

"These parks are integral parts of the local community and we are very keen for surrounding residents to be included in the decision-making process," said landscape and open space manager Kristy Tillett.

"Modern parks are more than just slides and swings, we want to use equipment that encourages children to use their imagination and make the most of their time outdoors."

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